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Our Dazzhome Story

Behind every successful venture is a lot of effort. At Dazzhome, we too have a very special story. Right from the inception to launching our online portal, months of hard work, hectic schedules, sleepless nights, crazy travels and dedicated teamwork has been there to make our dream come true.

Dazzhome is one of the premier Luxury Home Decor Brands in India. But before it launched nationwide, the fascination with Indian handicrafts led the team to travel all over India to bring to surface Indian cultural heritage and traditions. India is a brimming with talent. Places like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have skilled artisans who proudly carry forward their legacy in handlooms, handicrafts and decorative items. With the western influence, a lot of these skilled craftsmen were losing their fame in India. Dazzhome integrated Indian handicrafts with contemporary designs to give a whole new and appealing look to home décor. Their home decor brands ooze of stylish contemporary outlook to our very own Indian handicrafts.

This new fusion range of home decor is every bit luxe, contemporary and stylish with the Indian heritage and traditions skillfully woven in between. Let’s have a look at all the categories in the luxury home decor brands at Dazzhome.

Carpets and Rugs

Indian artisans have been skillfully weaving magic in the form of home carpets and rugs since time immemorial. Dazzhome transformed these into something more modern and suitable for your everyday living. We got these artisans to work for our home decor brands with new fabrics and new technologies thereby bringing to you a lovely range of contemporary home carpets and rugs.

 Modern Rugs

Cushion Covers

Cushion covers have become the quintessential part of every home décor today. Dazzhome, the luxury decor brand, integrated Indian embroidery and sequined work with luxe fabrics to give a whole new look to Cushion Covers. These covers will not only perk up your home spaces in the most wonderful way but will also speak loudly about your pride for everything Indian.

cushion covers

T-Lights and Votives

Featuring distinct carving and unique designs, T-Lights from home furnishing brands like Dazzhome are sure to pep up your home spaces in the most aesthetic way. They not only raise your swag quotient but also add a dreamy look to your interiors. Placing T-Lights and Votives carved and designed by Indian artisans helps them get employment which in turn enables them to carry their legacy forward.

Tea Lights


No house looks complete without bookends. They add a hint of privacy to your living and also jazz up your home décor. Home furnishing brand at Dazzhome manage to transform your home spaces with their Pretty Bookends. Most of these Bookends have been handcrafted by Indian artisans whose amazing talent and knowledge in home décor will take you by surprise. With the right blend of high-quality material and latest designs, Dazzhome manages to bring this Indian talent on a global platform.


Poufs & Ottomans

You can find some stunning décor at Dazzhome, the luxury decor brand, and one such category is their Poufs & Ottomans. Vibrant colors mixed and matched with grey, black and  white add the perfect doze of glam and style to your home decor.

Pouf & Ottoman

Make yourself house-proud by buying these fabulous luxury décor items for your homes today!



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