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Indian Artisans

Indian Artisans

Indian artisans are highly skilled workers who are behind the creation of creative art & craft, including decorative objects, jewellery, furniture etc. The rich heritage of traditional artistry can be found in every part of India. They are not only the backbone of our economy but also make us feel exclusive in the world.

Handmade Rugs

However, during these tough times, they need our support and encouragement. We all need to acknowledge their efforts and time that they put in creating creative handicrafts that are simply incredible. And we can do the needful by creating a market for them and using their products to help them continue creating precious handmade products. Lets support Indian artisans like our daughter & sons.

Modern Rugs

We in Dazzhome have worked on the traditional metal craft giving it contemporary design for Luxury Home Decor which add that lush to your home decor. We bring a hand-picked collection of handmade Home Decor Online that will add a unique texture, warmth, style, and palette of hues to your personal abode. 



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